Human Wheels-John Mellencamp

Human Wheels

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Now remastered and re-released with a bonus track! Captivating and musically adventurous album showcasing the wide talents of his full band. Features the hit singles Human Wheels, What If I Came Knocking and When Jesus Left Birmingham Originally released: 1994. Remastered and Re-released: July 19, 2005. Includes bonus track í�When Jesus Left Birminghamíñ featuring Sounds of Blackness.

Track Listing:
When Jesus Left Birmingham
Human Wheels
Beige To Beige
Case 795 (The Family)
Suzanne And The Jewels
Sweet Evening Breeze
What If I Came Knocking
French Shoes
To The River
Bonus Track: When Jesus Left Birmingham featuring Sounds of Blackness
Mercury Records - Released 1993