Born In A Small Town - John Mellencamp The Story-John Mellencamp

Born In A Small Town - John Mellencamp The Story

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The First Definitive Biography of John Mellencamp! Johnny Cougar... John Cougar Mellencamp... John Mellencamp... the name may have changed but the man has remained a steadfast champion of American roots music and rock n roll for over thirty years. Featuring interviews with everyone from childhood friends to band members, producers and engineers, this is a portrait of the real man who grew up in Indiana and still lives there today a passionate musician and a tireless campaigner for the lifestyle and values of the American family farmer. Here then is the complete John Mellencamp story, tracking his progress as he matured from youthful rocker with a made-up name to major star with a social conscience. It is a journey typified by his 2007 release Freedom Road, an impassioned call to arms to rediscover America s founding traditions of freedom, justice and never-say-die spirit. It s an unlikely story but in the end an inspirational one that reveals a remarkable and unique fusion of heartland values and rock n roll stardom. Fully Illustrated. Hard Cover. 256 pages